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Over 100 NMSU students are protesting for the removal of top administrators

LAS CRUCES, New Mexico – On Tuesday afternoon, over 100 students gathered on campus to criticize the New Mexico State University administration and demand the removal of the president and provost.

“The university has been poorly run lately,” said Cole Vetter, an NMSU junior who serves as the student-elected senator for the College of Arts and Sciences. “The faculty has consistently tried to bring this up just for the administration to tell them that they are a small minority of the population.”

On November 4, the NMSU Faculty Senate and Student Government Association passed a motion of censure against President John Floros and Provost Carol Parker. A university spokesman confirmed that Parker was put on paid administrative leave this month. He couldn’t explain why, as it was a personnel matter.

“NMSU students tie the dots behind the bigger problem,” said Vetter. “The quality of education suffers if money is not effectively prioritized.”

In May 2018, the university hired a separate President and Chancellor to run the university for a total salary of $ 950,000 if the positions were accepted. Previously, Chancellor Garrey Carruthers had both roles with a salary of $ 385,000.

The faculty senate’s decision of no confidence accuses the board of directors, among other things, of improper use of university funds, unethical recruitment practices and systemic failure of management. Read the full resolution here.

Chancellor Dan Arvizu met with protesters in front of Hadley Hall.

“I just want you to know that we care,” said Arvizu. “We take care of the things that are important to you, and we try to fix these things.

Vetter said doctoral students don’t get a livable salary. He said after tuition fees were deducted from their salaries, doctoral students lived below the poverty line. He also accused the university of not taking any action to achieve R1 research status.

Vetter told ABC-7 that he welcomed university leaders to communicate with student leaders during the demonstration.

“It’s important that both sides work together,” said Vetter.

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