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Paseo Santa Fe project in Vista is finally done

After 30 million US dollars, 20 years of planning and six years of construction, the Paseo Santa Fe project in Vista has finally been completed.

VISTA, California – After $ 30 million, 20 years of planning and six years of construction, the Paseo Santa Fe project in Vista is finally complete.

From the younger workers: “Vista is growing and growing and I think it will soon be one of the most popular areas in San Diego.”

To those who have been here for a long time: “I’ve started mailing here since 1978.”

The city of Vista is fast becoming a busy city.

City of Vista community development director John Conley said he lived and worked here for over 20 years. He is excited to see the direction of growth.

“Our downtown is made up of two parts of what I call the historic downtown, a little north of our older neighborhoods, older streets, smaller and more organic,” said Conley. “Then there’s downtown Paseo, which is where we’ve just spent about $ 30 million. It took us about six years to complete the project. “

The Paseo project started in May 2014, the city administration wanted to attract tourists, but also help people who live and work here.

“Lots of homes and jobs where people can live in confined spaces and not have to commute every day,” said Conley.

Vista didn’t always look like this.

In fact, many of the restaurants, breweries, and shops are still somewhat new. And drivers may notice upgrades like roundabouts and lighted palm trees.

But one of the most popular spots in the city has stood the test of time. Pepper tree frosty ice cream stand that has been here since 1953.

“It was just a part of our lives as we grew up in the business world, we worked our whole family in business, it was a wonderful experience,” said Danny Villasenior.

Owner Danny Villasenior says he was blown away by how many people he saw.

“There are so many people in Vista, it’s not the small town we tried to get used to,” said Villasenior.

As for next, the city plans to build apartments near the Vista transit center.

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