Ledes from the Land of Enchantment

PBS Program to “Showcase the Natural Beauty of New Mexico”

Las Cruces-based photographer Ed Breeding is the focus of the documentary The Spirit of New Mexico Through the Lens of Ed Breeding. (Courtesy of Ed Breeding)

Ed Breeding retreats to his home during the winter months.

The Las Cruces-based artist, photographer and filmmaker is at one with nature and enjoys being outdoors.

But he needs a break.

When the temperatures drop, he grabs his brush and canvas and starts working on his art.

“It’s my way of keeping myself busy,” he says, laughing. “There’s always something going on. Inspiration keeps coming to me and I have to keep up with it.”

Breeding’s photographs are part of the PBS program The Spirit of New Mexico Through the Lens of Ed Breeding.

It will air Tuesday, January 18 at 5 p.m. on New Mexico PBS channel 5.3.

Ed Breeding’s photo of White Sands National Monument. (Courtesy of Ed Breeding)

The hour-long show features more than 600 of Breeding’s images set to Native American music.

According to Breeding, the project came about when his friend Geronimo Vela reached out and wanted to do the project.

The breed moved to Las Cruces in 2004 and has found a way for itself in the state.

“Geronimo collected the photos I posted online,” says Breeding. “He wanted to make a video of it to show the natural beauty of New Mexico. There are also some photos of me that I don’t want to focus on. Geronimo donated his time to make this documentary.”

Vela says he wanted to show Breeding’s perspective of the Earth Mother through his camera lens.

Ed Breeding enjoys the New Mexico landscape and often photographs it. (Courtesy of Ed Breeding)

“This video is an example of how one person (Ed Breeding) on ​​a budget can capture the most amazing footage of nature and the environment,” says Vela. “His drive and passion for the environment and his eye for the most amazing and dramatic nature shots bring him out into nature on foot to capture these amazing shots.”

Since October, Breeding has been concentrating on his studio, where he mainly works with acrylic.

“I’ve done about 24 paintings and I’m working on one with Abraham Lincoln,” he says. “In between I’ll take some pictures. Of course I like to go before daylight because I want to enjoy nature alone, without other people. At that time the animals are up and moving and it’s amazing.”

The kennel will often travel to Corralitos Ranch in Las Cruces for photos.

“I also like Organ Hills and Cloudcroft,” he says. “Bosque del Apache is one of my favorite places. I will also go to Cibola National Forest.”

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