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Police impersonator to stay in jail

Two different videos show Martinez announcing himself as an Albuquerque Police Officer; one at a gas station and one in a neighborhood.

The three women at the gas station said Martinez appeared to be drunk and was slurring his words, according to the criminal complaint against him.

Saturday in court, the judge decided Martinez was going to be released from jail, but he isn’t going home just yet.

“Mr. Martinez you are going to be released on your own recognition this morning on this case, you’re not getting out of jail today, it sounds like you’re held on other matters for violations of conditions of release,” Judge Joshua Sanchez said.

Those “other matters” are charges for a DWI that happened March 20, but the question is how were police able to track down the wanna be cop?

After the two incidents, APD began investigating the cases and connected the description of Martinez to lapel cam video from his DWI arrest.

The officer in that case came forward and said he recognized the car for its flashing lights, adding that he scolded Martinez for having the flashing lights.

Then on April 26, police put a tracking device on his car; the white Ford sedan seen in screenshots from when KOB first reported this story that were used as part of the criminal complaint.

In them, people can see Martinez taking a stance like a police officer and clasping his hands like he has a gun, which he did not.

APD watched Martinez for two days and they saw him making deliveries through services like DoorDash or Grubhub, while flashing the lights on his car to move faster through traffic, according to the criminal complaint.

Finally, in a photo lineup on Thursday, one woman from the gas station incident positively identified Martinez and police made an arrest Friday.

It’s still unclear when Martinez will be released from jail.

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