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Property owners want to fight stadium project

Property owners on Second Street said they received an expression of interest from the city back in July. It outlined the city’s hopes of selling its property and even offered an appraisal. No mention was made of the potential new football stadium that could be built in the area, but homeowners like Paul Holley were quick to put it together.

Paul Holley bought his home on Second Street in 2009.

“I spent about a year or a year and a half in here remodeling the house,” said Holley. He even kept the mud brick, which is more than 100 years old, inside and outside the house.

“We wanted to move into this house,” he said, since he is now renting it out. “And we just want to be close to downtown and enjoy it.”

But now there’s a wrench in this plan. The city could potentially take over his home through a significant domain if voters pass the stadium loan and construction begins on his property.

“I’m not just against this property, it doesn’t seem to be a good fit for Albuquerque right now,” Holley said.

His neighbor Bruce Davis has lived on Second Street for 22 years. He said he invested time, love, energy and a lot of money in the neighborhood.

“Right now, I really hope the vote is ‘no’ and if the vote is ‘yes’ I hope they will reconsider the locations,” said Davis.

The neighbors said they weren’t going to give up anytime soon and wouldn’t take the dish off the table either.

“This is one of the oldest parts of Albuquerque,” said Holley. “I’m not sure whether a stadium will do it justice or fit in.”

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