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QC Kinetix (Albuquerque-East) Offers Evidence-based Chronic Pain Treatments in Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque, NM – (NewMediaWire) – July 19, 2022 – The number of people suffering from chronic pain conditions in the US remains alarmingly high despite the impressive advances in medicine. For such people, the biggest problem of using conventional medicine is that they often fall short of effectively treating the root cause of the problem, usually only managing to mask its symptoms. As a result, many chronic pain patients are forced to live the rest of their lives with agonizing pain and serious functional impairments. Luckily, QC Kinetix (Albuquerque-East) offers a better option in regenerative medicine to help chronic pain patients in and around Albuquerque-East to live happier, more fulfilling lives within the shortest time possible.

QC Kinetix (Albuquerque-East) is a state-of-the-art pain control clinic that uses evidence-based, all-natural therapies to treat a wide range of chronic pain conditions. The clinic boasts a team of highly experienced medical providers whose reputation for excellent patient care precedes them. Theirs is a patient-centered service aimed at helping pain patients regain control of their bodies without the typical risks associated with conventional medicine. Rooted in leveraging the human body’s innate capacity to heal itself, their regenerative therapies deal with the underlying factors causing chronic pain instead of focusing on alleviating its symptoms. As a result, their treatments set patients on a fast track to a full recovery right from the start.

The medical providers from QC Kinetix (Albuquerque-East) come highly recommended to treat a wide range of chronic pain conditions, regardless of their causes. Accidents, sports injuries, slip-and-fall injuries, old age complications, and medical conditions (such as arthritis) are a few causes of chronic pain that they have a wealth of experience dealing with. Specifically, they handle musculoskeletal injuries including but not limited to toe, ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, upper back, lower back, wrist, and thigh injuries. They introduce biologic factors directly to the affected body parts to stimulate and sustain restoration and healing on a cellular level.

To ensure that each patient receives a world-class level of patient care, QC Kinetix (Albuquerque-East)’s treatment providers administer individualized treatment protocols tailored to every patient’s specific conditions. To do this, they begin each treatment process with an extensive diagnostic routine to pinpoint the problem before recommending the best course of action. To avoid divided attention, each patient gets assigned a dedicated regenerative medicine provider who will work with them from start to finish. During the course of treatment, the treatment provider closely monitors their patient’s progress while consistently adjusting and optimizing their treatments accordingly.

Being non-invasive, QC Kinetix (Albuquerque-East)’s regenerative therapies afford patients significantly shorter recovery periods than surgical procedures. Many of the clinic’s chronic pain patients often report a significant improvement after a few sessions, with some reporting full recovery in as few as six months. This time advantage is beneficial to pain patients whose livelihoods depend on optimal bodily functioning, such as high-performance athletes. Even better, such patients don’t have to schedule many subsequent visits after treatment because the clinic’s goal is always to provide long-lasting solutions instead of temporary chronic pain relief.

Confirming the suitability of regenerative medicine for sports-related injuries, notable pro football legend Emmitt Smith said, “During my 15 seasons in the NFL and then transitioning to my very active life after football, taking care of my body and joints has always been a primary focus for me.When I think about the longevity of my joints, it all starts with what I do today.QC Kinetix provides several different therapies that are state-of-the-art, cutting-edge treatments that complement and promote the body’s natural healing process so well. It’s always exciting to partner with a company when you’ve experienced first-hand the quality and effectiveness of their products.”

Chronic pain patients in Albuquerque-East who have had to put up with a daily dose of pain medications for so long without an end in sight can now sigh in relief as QC Kinetix (Albuquerque-East) offers them a tried-and-proven way out. Patients who depend on pain medication for too long expose themselves to harmful side effects. In addition, they run the risk of addiction, seeing as though they will never heal their conditions regardless of how long they ingest them. The good news is that with regenerative therapy, such patients can begin weaning themselves off these potentially addictive analgesics after the first few sessions.

Despite its numerous advantages, regenerative medicine therapies are not suitable for every patient. For instance, patients undergoing chemotherapy, pregnant women, and lactating mothers make poor candidates for this treatment. Appreciative of this fact, every new patient who visits QC Kinetix (Albuquerque-East) will undergo an extensive medical history deep-dive and a complete medical examination to establish their suitability.

Chronic pain patients can visit QC Kinetix (Albuquerque-East)’s website to learn more about their Albuquerque office. A clinic’s representative is always available at (505) 226-8688 for queries. The clinic is located at 7801 Academy Rd NE, Suite 104, Albuquerque, NM, 87109, USA.

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Company Name: QC Kinetix (Albuquerque-East)

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Address: 7801 Academy Rd NE, Suite 104

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