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Repeat offenders in Albuquerque remain behind bars pending trial

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – A repeat offender who has been released again and again is behind bars. Martin Copeland has been arrested three times in the past three months, but he is now being detained pending trial. Copeland is not a stranger, he was convicted of second degree murder in Tennessee in 1990.

As of 2019, he has been charged with six different criminal offenses in New Mexico. One contains a case from January when he was charged with burglary and burglary after a woman came home and found Copeland asleep in her bed. According to the police report, Copeland had broken the door into the house; That case has later since been dropped.

Copeland amassed three more criminal offenses in August, September and October 16. All three cases involve burglary allegations, and most of his previous cases were ultimately dismissed. However, on Monday morning, Judge Stan Whitaker granted the state’s motion to keep Copeland behind bars pending trial.

“I think it’s interesting at this point how people protect their homes and how they have a right not to have it harmed,” said Judge Whitaker. “I think he poses a danger to himself and a danger to the public.”

In the most recent case, Copeland is charged with home burglary, criminal damage to property and concealment of his identity.

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