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Residents over concerned large predatory cats in Las Cruces neighborhoods

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — According to the Las Cruces Police Department, several Las Cruces area residents have reported seeing large predatory cats in residential neighborhoods during the last few weeks.

The sightings are leaving some residents concerned since large cats have been known to roam into residential areas and prey on pets. Pet owners are encouraged to keep their dogs or cats indoors when its dark outside. Residents should also avoid leaving pet food outdoors.

Anyone who sees a predatory cat should refrain from approaching, feeding or causing it harm. Big cats are said to be timid animals and usually keep their distance from people.

Although big cats have been seen during the daytime, they tend to hunt between dusk and dawn. Residents who walk or exercise during early morning or evening hours should be aware of the potential dangers of wild animals.

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