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Roswell UFO BREAKTHROUGH? ‘Welder at the crash site saw TWO dead ALIENS in a flying saucer’ | Strange | news

The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) has received a report from a retired engineer who claims to have interviewed a welder who “cut open” the flying saucer that was reportedly found in the New Mexico desert more than 69 years ago Crashed gates of Roswell.

In a detailed report, the unnamed engineer claimed to have conducted the interview in 1970, 23 years after the legendary event.

Roswell has been at the heart of the UFO scene since the military announced in a July 1947 press release that it found the remains of a crashed flying saucer in the nearby desert.

But the next day, it withdrew the testimony, saying it was actually a damaged US Air Force balloon.

Witnesses later came forward and said the “crashed ship” contained alien corpses, which were then taken along with the wreckage to the mysterious, top-secret Area 51 military base in Nevada.

In the shock report to MUFON, the former engineer first explained why the interview came about.

He said, “I joined the staff at the then new campus of the University of California at Santa Cruz.

“In 1969, several UFOs were sighted in the mountains behind the campus and reported to the university.

“I was asked to interview three people and make a report.

“I couldn’t find any credibility or evidence on these events, but because it was a small campus and everyone in science knew what was going on, I got an unwanted reputation from someone who knew about UFOs.”

Engineers claimed this resulted in his being introduced to the welder who was reportedly employed by the U.S. Air Force at Roswell Base at the time of the crash.

He said, “The person I interviewed was a professional welder and was employed after the war at Roswell Air Force Base welding jigs and fixtures for aircraft maintenance.”

He said the welder revealed how he was told to load a cutting torch for a trip into the desert when they arrived at the crash site.

The engineer said in the report, “Hey [the welder] said they had a truck loaded with rubble and soldiers on their hands and knees who picked up each piece of wreckage and put it in cloth sacks.

“He said they drove a little further away from the rubble and came across a second group of people standing around an intact UFO.

“He said the brush fell off, suggesting the vehicle skidded across the ground and came to rest with its back slightly above the ground in a natural riparian point.

“He described the ship as about 25/26 feet in diameter with a large dome on top.

“He said the craft is the ‘weak tea color’ with a burnished finish.

“He said there were no signs of weld marks, seams or rivets and that all edges had either an inside or outside radius. There were no visible windows or openings.”

The welder described being instructed to cut an opening in the dome large enough for a man to crawl through.

The report said he started cutting a hole in the base of the dome.

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He said he saw two beings who appeared to be dead. He said the cockpit smelled strongly of ammonia.

Former engineer

It said, “He said it was a tough alloy and slow cutting, but the material was surprisingly thin.

This reflects separate allegations made during an interview earlier this year about a woman, aged 10, allegedly handling material “that came from the flying saucer that could not be cut or burned and hiss in 1957 Regained shape when it was wrinkled “.

The report went on: “He finished his cut and put the piece of metal aside and looked into the cockpit for a few seconds before being ordered out of the ship.

“He said it was difficult to see very far into the vehicle because the portable lights were dazzling and the cockpit was full of smoke from the cutting torch.

“He said he saw two beings that appeared to be dead.

“He said the cockpit smelled strongly of ammonia.

“He described the two beings as about four feet tall, but they were folded up so it was difficult to tell.

“They wore, as he said, skin-tight purple flight suits that reminded him of sequins.

“He described their heads as what we now call gray. He said there were no visible instruments to see.”

The welder allegedly announced that he was warned to remain silent upon his return to base.

The engineer’s report read, “He said it was dark when they arrived and he was escorted into a building by armed guards for a debriefing.

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He said there were several senior officers at the table and four or five civilians in suits.

“He said that after the debriefing he was told not to talk about what he saw as it was a state secret and if he was caught divulging something he would be in the rest of his life Go to jail or worse.

“He was scared to death by the threat and my friend and I are the only people he has ever told and that was 23 years after the event.”

The retired engineer said he promised the welder that he would tell his story only after his death, which happened in the late 1980s.

His report does not explain why he waited until now to report it to the US MUFON, the world’s largest organization dedicated to UFO and alien investigations.

The retired engineer added, “During the interview, I never sensed anything strange about his presentation or mannerisms.

“He provided a lot more information than I gave, but the interview was almost 50 years ago and has been forgotten.

“I think he was telling the truth.

“I shared what I learned from that interview with a couple of investigators, but I think they questioned my credibility.”

MUFON is investigating the allegations, but the organization has previously admitted that it sometimes broadcasts completely fabricated and falsified material.

Tomorrow Friday December 2nd, visit the weird section of Express.co.uk for more exclusive revelations from this shock report to MUFON.

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