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Rural New Mexico school district buys Starlink internet for students | Ap

A school district in northwest New Mexico is bringing high-speed internet to the families of students, most of whom are indigenous, in a $ 1.2 million deal that exceeds the gradual efforts of state and tribal officials.

Cuban Independent Schools Director Karen Sanchez-Griego said staff began installing Starlink’s $ 500 receivers in student homes in November, hoping to connect all 450 families by the end of the school year .

Traditional fiber optic cables have not been installed in Cuba because of the low population density, lack of funds, and the bureaucratic burden of tribal, federal, and state agencies that have to approve excavations.

State Wi-Fi hotspots didn’t work well in remote areas far from cell towers. Education officials plan to purchase Starlink units for around 1,000 families across the state, but have not set a timetable for them.

“Our kids can’t wait,” Sanchez-Griego said, adding that the investment will be funded by federal aid that will eventually phase out $ 100 monthly internet fees. “Our hope is that the state will get through.”

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