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Santa Fe Casino December Shooting Suspect Caught by Police

It takes a certain type of person to try to commit a crime in a casino. It’s not that cameras and other types of surveillance devices aren’t everywhere. It is not very likely that the crime will get away with it, but perhaps these individuals just enjoy gambling. A new criminal mastermind is now behind bars after shooting a security guard at the Santa Fe Station Casino in Las Vegas earlier this month. With his story he will probably not see freedom for a long time.

Santa Fe shoot has a happy ending

A Henderson man was suspected of shooting a Santa Fe Casino security officer on December 16. At the time, he was trying to cash a bogus Las Vegas City paycheck in a casino cage. According to the arrest report, Michael Kasper entered the property and went straight to a cash register cage. There he tried to cash a check for $ 1,981.

Anomalies in the check resulted in the casino calling the city’s payroll department. They confirmed that no check had been delivered to Kasper. Kasper’s check had fuzzy prints and a forged signature.

The casino clerk called her manager, who then notified security. Kasper tried to escape, but was stopped by the security guard. A fight ensued and a group of security guards, including Winston Bouman, brought Kasper to the ground and tried to hold him down. According to the arrest report, Kasper reached into his pocket and pulled out a gun. Kasper shot Bouman twice in the left thigh on the floor.

According to the arrest report, security forces took Kasper to a safe area. He stayed there until the police arrested him. In the meantime, the guard was taken to the UMC Trauma, where he was in a stable state after the extraction of both spheres.

The violent past catches up with him

Police arrested the 33-year-old after the shooting. He is currently being held at the Clark County Detention Center where he is charged with attempted murder, possession of counterfeits or bills, and attempted theft. These are just a few of the pending charges and others may be pursued. The final list depends on how far prosecutors want to go.

In 2009, Kasper was convicted of armed robbery, conspiracy to robbery and armed burglary. According to the police, it was a single incident that did not pose a threat to the population. During the investigation, police closed one area of ​​the casino, but the rest of the operations continued.

According to court records, Kasper has already denied his first trial. A criminal complaint is to be filed on March 17th next year.

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