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Santa Fe Community College will start spring semester remote | Education

Citing concerns about high COVID-19 hospitalization rates in recent weeks, Santa Fe Community College will begin the spring semester with distance learning on Tuesday, President Becky Rowley announced Friday.

In-person learning will resume on Jan. 31 “when circumstances improve,” Rowley said in a statement.

According to the community college website, 22 coronavirus cases have been reported since Jan. 3 that were contagious on campus, though six of the infections date back to mid-December.

Several disciplines still require face-to-face classes: culinary arts, welding, mechanical engineering, automotive technologies, and fitness classes.

Tuesday also marks the deadline for students who wish to attend class in person to receive at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, Rowley said.

As of Friday, 972 of the 1,782 students enrolled in face-to-face classes for the spring semester had either submitted their vaccination card or applied for a vaccination exemption.

“We continue to aggressively reach out to these students via email, phone calls and text messages. These efforts will continue over the next few weeks,” Thomasinia Ortiz-Gallegos, associate vice president for student success, wrote in an email.

Several departments remain open, including the college’s Kids Campus and La Families Medical Center’s dental clinic, but Rowley said that could change.

The MASTERS program, a state-approved on-campus high school, will continue to learn in person, Administrative Assistant Monica McSpadden confirmed Friday.

The campus will be open to staff and student services will be personally available.

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