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Santa Fe Starbucks Workers Go On Strike

STATE news:

SANTA FE — Effective this morning (Nov. 3), Starbucks workers at the St. Michaels Drive location in Santa Fe, are on strike due to unfair labor practices and the Company’s interference with Union activity.

Workers will remain on strike until 5 am Saturday, Nov. 5, and they invite members of the community to join them in solidarity for workers’ rights.

Over the past months, Starbucks has interfered with these workers’ rights to Union membership by retaliating against workers who voluntarily participate in Union activity. The Company, for example, has discriminated against an employee by denying him breaks and lunch periods because of his Union support. This is only the tip of the iceberg as to how Starbucks continues to engage with Union organizers in bad faith and prevents workers from organizing for fair and humane working conditions.

The St. Michaels Drive workers demanded an equitable workplace free from retaliation against Union activity, and they hope the strike can lead to a more productive and worker-friendly relationship between Starbucks and the Union.

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