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Son of Muslim murders suspect to be released

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) — Shaheen Syed, the son of the man charged with shooting and killing three Muslim men in Albuquerque, is expected to be released from federal custody. In August, the US Attorney’s Office charged Shaheen Syed with lying on the ATF form used to purchase two firearms in June of 2021.

Family of man accused in Muslim murders speaks out

A motion was then filed to keep Shaheen in federal custody while awaiting trial, calling him a “flight risk and a danger to the community.” At the time the judge ordered he be detained.

Shaheen’s attorney’s then filed a motion opposing the detention, arguing he wasn’t charged on previous crimes or the Albuquerque murders. On Friday, the judge issued an order agreeing with the defense, saying “although the Court finds the evidence the United States presented at the detention hearing very troubling, the lack of charges associated with most of the conduct the United States relies on gives the Court Break.”

The Syed family’s encounters with police

The judge also said Shaheen does appear to be a danger to his sister and mother based on previous behavior. Due to that, the judge ordered Shaheen to be released from federal custody, but he must be placed in a halfway house while awaiting trial.

Another hearing is expected to be scheduled to determine other conditions of his release. The District Attorney’s Office said as of now; there are no murder charges from their office against Shaheen Syed.

Muhammad Syed, Shaheen Syed’s father, is charged with the murders of Muhammad Afzaal Hussain and Aftab Hussain.

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