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Sorry, Virginia, there’s no (or little) snow this Christmas | Local News

If you dream of a white Christmas, keep dreaming.

While Santa Fe has about a 35 percent chance of rainfall on Friday – Christmas Eve – and while there’s a slim chance some of that rain could turn into snow at dusk, it will likely just be a shower of rain, according to National Weather Service in Albuquerque.

“Possibly a dusting, but the snow won’t stay long,” said meteorologist Todd Shoemake on Monday. “There is little accumulation because the temperatures are still warm.”

Still, some of the western and northern parts of the state could enjoy a whiter Christmas, said meteorologist Daniel Porter.

“There will be a few happy places across the state,” he said, including Red River and Chama.

The big news this week, Porter and Shoemake said, is another potential round of high winds thanks to a slow-moving storm front anchored off the west coast.

The winds, combined with already dry conditions across much of the state, could create a potential fire hazard in some areas around the Clines Corners area, they said.

Winds with a top speed of 60 miles per hour caused damage, felled trees and tore down power lines in northern New Mexico last Wednesday. The Santa Fe Regional Airport reported wind gusts of 70 miles per hour that day.

Porter said it was possible that similar winds could occur in the coming week, which could lead to power outages and limited visibility in some regions.

That wind will get strong and even violent at higher altitudes over 9,000 to 10,000 feet, he said. These winds will subside on Friday night.

But temperatures will stay well above normal for this time of year, hovering around 52-53 degrees for a few days before dropping to the mid-to-high 40s over the weekend.

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