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Sports Speak Up! Loss to Aggies upsets Lobo football fans

YEARS AGO, Jim Sweeney, the late Fresno State football coach, called a UNM football team “bad” and then spelled it, “bad.” No telling what he would have said about this year’s Lobo team. For this Saturday’s game vs. Fresno State, a “lucky” person at a local grocery store will find an envelope on a shelf with two tickets inside and the following message also enclosed: “Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to take these tickets and head to University Stadium to watch UNM get hammered by Fresno State. Welcome to the Twilight Zone.”

— Joseph

FOR ME, the Lobo/Aggie football and basketball game is the barometer for the Lobo season. There’s not much you can tell about an LSU or Maine game. But the Lobos and Aggies are pretty evenly matched in both sports, and in (Saturday’s) penalty plagued football game, the Lobos looked pretty shaky. And we’re supposed to be better than last year. I don’t think so.

— Bob, UNM Area

THE LOBOS’ offensive play against NMSU looked as ragged and worn out as the synthetic turf at Aggie Memorial Stadium.

— Dilapidated Dave, Albuquerque

ANOTHER LOSING year, another disappointing Division I college football team, us loyal, dedicated fans left without anything to cheer for. Our coach is a class act, but once again his product is flawed, impossible to watch. To lose to a 1-5 Aggie team with 3 field goals in 3 hours is pathetic. The players are better, the coaching is not. Every offseason I tell myself no more tickets next year. My pride in UNM and my desire to go watch a competitive team overwhelms my judgment. This product is inferior, its players are not. Fix it, Coach!

— BP

OWGR POINTS should never be awarded to a tour where golfers play only 54 holes (PGA 72), a field of 48 (PGA 154), no cut (PGA cuts field in half), shotgun start, and rap music, clowns, and stilt walkers abound . It is ridiculous to compare the two and thus award equal points. Golf is better off without Dustin, Bryson, Brooks, and Cam. New stars will emerge while LIV whiners enjoy spending their Saudi blood money.

— Allan, ABQ

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SHAYNA WRITES the average NBA salary is $7.5 million while the average WNBA salary is $102,000 which is a difference of 750%. discrimination? Check the level of play.

— Fran

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