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STEM Santa Fe Hosts 2022 Conference Saturday Nov. 5

SSF News:

STEM Santa Fe (SSF) invites the community to witness its mission in action Nov. 5. About 150 girls and non-binary students, grades 5 though 8, from communities across Northern New Mexico, will spend the day laughing and learning about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

It is an annual conference designed to give the impressionable young ladies a better appreciation of STEM and to demonstrate how they can use STEM to question, explore, challenge and change their world.

SSF is a mentorship organization utilizing a network of STEM professionals who Volunteer to serve as mentors and role models for students. SSF organizes many educational STEM programs in Northern New Mexico that are project-based and hands-on, providing extended learning experiences and mentorships to middle- and high-school age youth.

SSF aims to reduce the disparities in educational opportunities by offering programs at low to no costs to families. In 2018, STEM Santa Fe programs earned a “STEMY” award as a Non-Profit of the Year for New Mexico Excellence in STEM by Air Force Research Laboratory New Mexico. In 2022 STEM Santa Fe received the 2022 Piñon Visionary Award from Santa Fe Community Foundation.

One of its programs is STEM Pathways for Girls: A monthly program for 5th-8th-grade girls. This program kicks off with an annual conference to spark the girls’ interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math subjects through hands-on workshops led by women in STEM careers, as well as a keynote speaker in the morning. STEAM Fair takes place in the afternoon, featuring a variety of STEM exhibits and demonstrations.

The conference is augmented by monthly workshops to boost girls’ interest all year while providing a local support system of like-minded friends and STEM role models.

“We provide high-quality STEM experiences to our girls and expose them to a wide range of STEM careers to expand their mind. In addition, we foster a supportive social environment to help them persist in their interest in their own STEM education.” said Lina Germann, founder and Chief Executive Officer of STEM Santa Fe. “It is very important to reach girls before they leave middle school where they are most vulnerable to losing interest and confidence in their STEM education.”

The 2022 conference features eight hands-on workshops, each led by local New Mexico STEM women professionals, and covering a wide range in STEM disciplines. 2022 conference include Workshops such as water quality, Investigating What Starts Wildfires, Get Excited for Electrons, Microbes: The good, the bad, and the ugly, etc.

STEM Santa Fe gratefully acknowledges the following strategic and sustain partners: Los Alamos National Lab/Triad, Meow Wolf, Wildflower International/Dell Technologies, Trane Technologies, Lineberry Foundation, Sandia Area Credit Union, OpenEye Scientific, N3B Los Alamos, New Mexico Society of Professional Engineers, Boeing, The Encantado Foundation, Santa Fe Community Foundation and its funds: Las Campanas Community Fund, Celia Lipton Farris and Victor W. Farris Foundation Fund, Five Bridges Advised Fund.

STEM Santa Fe thanks its conference sponsors, mainly City of Santa Fe Community & Economic Development, Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico Children’s Foundation and Santa Fe Hestia found. A special thanks to host and community partner Santa Fe Community College.

STEM Santa Fe advocates for, develops, and provides STEM programming, mentoring, and resources for all youth, especially under-presented groups in STEM, to realize their potential and expand their opportunities in a dynamic world. STEM Santa Fe envisions a world filled with analytical citizens exploring complex issues for the betterment of society.

For more information, visit www.stemsantafe.org.

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