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The Las Cruces family counts the blessings after the “frightening” and devastating fire

LAS CRUCES, New Mexico – After losing almost all of their belongings in Las Cruces before Thanksgiving, a family is grateful to still have what money can’t replace.

“I’m really grateful,” said Tiana Padilla, who lost her RV in a fire in Block 2100 on Isaacks Lane in north Las Cruces. “It was hard. It was scary.”

On November 16, Padilla told ABC-7 that she was cooking dinner when she first heard the fire.

“It was unexpected,” said Padilla. “I was in the kitchen slicing potatoes and heard a window crack. When I looked outside, flames were already rising on the wall. “

She said she had to act quickly and grab her one year old son out of her high chair and her three year old boy who was in the bathroom. Fortunately, she said her six-year-old daughter was out.

“The deck was already on fire and I jumped off,” Padilla. “I actually fell into my arms with both of them.”

Padilla said she was so grateful that the community stepped in to provide clothes and car seats for her young children. They do have insurance, but Padilla said they lost almost all of their belongings. Click here to help with additional expenses.

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