Ledes from the Land of Enchantment

The next nuclear museum camps study insects, magnetism, crime scene investigations, and more

[1] Another Violent Weekend: APD Reveals Crime Albuquerque Police Chief says they are working hard to stop recent violence on the subway, including multiple murders. They start by discovering where most of the murders happen on the subway. The boss admitted it was worrying, especially after a string of party shootings and the recent motel crime problem. APD chief Harold Medina says the city is already working with several Motel 6 to install things like security cameras and license plate readers. The Party Patrol Unit is also coming back.

[2] Inspector General Investigates City’s Recruitment Process After Fake Employee Graduation According to a recent investigation, job requirements in the city of Albuquerque may change. According to the city’s inspector general, a senior affairs agent earned a bachelor’s degree from a fake online college, Madison University, known as the graduate factory, where they sell for thousands of dollars. The employee then used this degree for a Masters at the University of Phoenix. Now there are recommendations that require job applicants in town to provide official paper transcripts to prove that they actually went to school and graduated.

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