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The search for Pepita Redhair to appear on ‘Disappeared’

The case of missing Albuquerque woman Pepita Redhair will air on “Disappeared” on Ivestigation Discovery. (Courtesy of Investigation Discovery)

The search for Pepita Redhair continues after more than two years.

The Albuquerque woman was last seen on March 24, 2020, after her mother, Anita King, dropped off her daughter at her boyfriend, Nick’s house.

Anita is worried that Redhair, like many other Native American women, is a victim of domestic violence and tries to persuade Redhair to return home. Redhair tells her mother that everything is going to be okay. The following day, when her family cannot get a hold of her, Anita panics. After not contacting Redhair or Nick for several days, Anita files a missing persons report. Investigators claim there is little they can do and no evidence that her boyfriend, Nick, has anything to do with her disappearance.

Redhair’s story caught the attention of the Investigation Discovery’s “Disappeared” series. Crew filmed in New Mexico and the episode, “Navajo Nightmare,” will air at 8 pm Wednesday, Sept. 21, on Investigation Discovery.

The series’ mission is to shine a light on individuals who seem vanished without a trace, searching for answers about the missing in order to bring closure to their loved ones.

According to producers, Redhair’s case was interesting because she’s one of the many Indigenous missing women from all over the world.

“Missing person cases are always difficult to cover, and you can feel and see the anguish in Pepita’s loved ones, most notably, her mother,” the producers said. “It’s a heartbreaking endeavor, but we have a responsibility to cover missing persons from all walks of life on ‘Disappeared,’ and we know that Pepita’s story highlights just one of the many missing Indigenous people in this underserved, underrepresented community.”

Production took place for about a week in Albuquerque and one day in Crownpoint.

The producers said the mission of “Disappeared” is to present timely stories with urgency for the public to act.

“The families of the missing participate in the hopes that the series will elevate their loved one’s story and help decipher the truth of what really happened to them,” they said. “At the end of each episode, information for the local police departments is shared in the event that a viewer has fresh leads or new information to share.”

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With more than 125 hours of content between the series and a number of high-profile specials, “Disappeared” aired on Investigation Discovery from 2009 to 2018. The series has since been relaunched.

“Our recent success with the ‘Disappeared’ podcast inspired us to reboot this fan-favorite series with all new episodes,” said Jason Sarlanis, president of Crime and Investigative Content, Linear and Streaming. “With the proliferation of new surveillance techniques in recent years and the audience more determined than ever to participate in solving true crime mysteries, we knew this was the right time to bring ‘Disappeared’ back in a way that could really make a difference.”

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