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Therapy dog ​​killed by speeder in Westgate community

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – An Albuquerque woman who experienced a horrific tragedy years ago, is heartbroken once again, after a speeding driver hit and killed her therapy dog ​​right in front of her house.

The posted speed limit in Stephanie Pinon’s Westgate neighborhood is 25 miles per hour. Pinon says it’s not uncommon for drivers to completely ignore it, she says at times going double the legal speed. Pinon has lived on Benavides near Camino San Martin for four years and has always worried someone was going to get hit by a car.

A week ago, her biggest fear came true. Pinon’s therapy dog ​​Princess was run over by a truck, right in front of their home. “It could have easily been my daughter,” Pinon said.

Pinon’s daughter was outside with Princess when a red pickup truck blew past the home, hitting Princess who had wandered into the road. The driver of the truck didn’t even stop to see if Princess was okay. Princess died a few minutes later. “She took her last breath in my arms,” ​​Pinon said.

Pinon says she had a therapy dog ​​after experiencing another trauma in July 2010. Her 2-year-old daughter Jahzel, died after being left in a hot car. Pinon says it was an accident. She says she was in a rush to get to a meeting, and drop her older daughter off at preschool at SIPI the community college near Coors and Paseo Del Norte. She says she didn’t realize her husband had also put Jahzel in the minivan.

Pinon struck a plea deal and was given probation. She went on to work with an organization teaching parents to check their vehicles for kids. She says the loss of Princess is another tragedy and hopes her death isn’t in vain.

Pinon did file a police report after Princess was killed. No word on if they’ve tracked the driver of the truck, down.

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