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Thief hits garage in Albuquerque

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – Keep your garage doors closed. It seems like a thief who saw him steal a wallet from a woman’s car was raiding open garages across town. One of the victims says the police arrested him two weeks ago when he hit their car.

“If the police had followed him when my husband caught him, it would not have happened again,” said one victim, who wants to remain anonymous.

The doorbell video shows the serial thief pulling up in front of their home in Albuquerque near Osuna and Vista Del Norte, jumping out of his car and carefully sneaking through the driveway. The victim says he ransacked her car and got away with a bag of makeup, her ID card and medical documents.

She says her husband caught up with the man and followed him to a nearby gas station where he called the police. “They told him to back off and not go after him,” she said. “They said there was nothing they could do.”

On Tuesday, she and her husband watched the story on KRQE News 13, the same man her husband had followed was caught on video breaking into someone else’s car and stealing her purse near Coal and Girard before he returned shortly after to put her keys back in the car. The crook then tried to use the cards to buy gas, but the victims had already canceled them.

They’re not the only ones, another victim sent a video of the same man stealing her wallet from her car parked in her garage near West Mesa High School on October 13th. He used their cards to buy gasoline and snacks.

The woman says the thief did not take anything valuable out of her car. He later returned her work badge and the medical records he took with him to her work. In the meantime she got it back.

KRQE News 13 has reached out to Albuquerque Police Department to inquire about the status of the cases. They say they are still investigating. KRQE also asked why they didn’t arrest him when it was originally reported by the gas station, they didn’t specifically answer that question.

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