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Thieves target Albuquerque food truck owner

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – An Albuquerque food truck owner said he was targeted by thieves. It also comes during one of the busiest weeks for business with Balloon Fiesta.

Sawing, drilling, and fixing wasn’t part of Tuesday’s plan, for owner of Mike’s Mighty Meats, Michael Mondragon. “My buddy Phil…came out to help me out. We found out the damages were worse than we thought,” said Mondragon.

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He first learned about the damage Sunday night. “I got a phone call from my kid that he found my trailer in the middle of the road,” said Mondragon. “I was dumbfounded,…my truck…no it’s not. So, I went outside and my trailer was gone.”

He believes thieves quickly stole his trailer, which may have then fallen off their car. “One, I can’t believe this happened to me. Two, how did I not catch it? How did I not see this go down,” said Mondragon.

“This is my living, so the fact that someone tried to take it, it’s an extraordinarily frustrating,” he said. He said his flat top, propane lines, and a wall of the trailer need to be replaced. He said that could cost him thousands of dollars, and hundreds of thousands if he has to replace the whole thing.

“Right now, we’re doing a Band-aid solution, until I get the money for a new trailer,” said Mondragon. The damage comes at a demanding time.

Albuquerque food truck stole

“Right now, it’s a little stressful because Balloon Fiesta, we’re running Friday, Saturday, Sunday. So, I technically have today and tomorrow to get this fixed and make sure it’s running back up to code,” said Mondragon. “I can essentially cost me thousands to not open for two or three days.”

He says he thinks he’ll get back up and running in time, thanks to some help from friends. “Yesterday, I was in my feelings… but then I made a post, started fixing it, and then I had a huge community reach out and put me back to where I should be,” he said. It’s the community support and encouragement that’s helping him push through.

“We don’t have quit in us, so we’re going to keep going,” he said. “I’ll make it, nothing’s going to stop me.” Mondragon said he does not plan to file a police report, saying he doesn’t think it will do much.

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