Ledes from the Land of Enchantment

Two Albuquerque teens land roles in Stranger Things season 4

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – Stranger Things season four shows some familiar Albuquerque landmark and fans of the show may even recognize a face or two.

“It was weird because the camera would come on and we’d bully Milly Bobby Brown and we were horrible to her and everything,” said Stranger Things Season Four Mean Girl, Gabriella Surodjowan. “We were just dishing out some mean comments for a little bit,” added Stranger Things Season Four Mean Boy, Alex Wagenman.

New Mexico locations featured in “Stranger Things” trailer

After a year and a half of perfecting their craft and auditioning for their roles as mean girl and mean boy, both Surodjovan and Wagenman landed their roles in season four. Ever since its May premiere, their lives in the Land of Enchantment have changed. “It’s wild, so many people, they know about it. It’s kind of freaky but it’s great,” said Wagenman. “It’s an amazing opportunity. I think it’s funny. I work at a gym and every time someone comes in they’re like, are you on stranger things?,” added Surodjovan.

The 17-year-old actors say even after their newfound fame, they too still get star-struck around the main cast. “I was so nervous coming to set because we’re coming to set of Stranger Things, like oh my gosh, big actors,” said Surodjovan. While cameras on set were rolling, Surodjovan and Wagenman say they were committed to their roles as bullies, but when the director yelled cut, both actors say it was night and day. “Just down to earth really like everybody really, even the background actors and the local ones, they’re just amazing,” said Wagenman. “They were just like normal people and they have an amazing sense of humor, all of them, and they made us so comfortable on set,” Surodjovan said.

Zurodievan says she got close to and even got words of encouragement from her co-star Millie Bobby Brown who plays Eleven in the series. “We skated together for a long time. My feet were aching but I was like oh I can’t give up on this. I’m skating with Millie Bobby Brown. This is amazing and she’s like the most amazing person in the world and she talked to me and gave me advice as an actor.” For anyone curious about the upside-down… both Albuquerque actors say… “Watch the season, it’s great.”

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