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Video catches thieves stealing another Albuquerque trailer

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – “I came outside, saw the trailer was missing, and immediately called APD,” ​​said Manford Mora. Video shows thieves hooking up to a trailer and driving away with it early Thursday morning.

It was taken from a home, locks and all, near Unser and McMahon on Albuquerque’s northwest side. “My trailer was right here. They just backed up right here and took it right out of the driveway,” Mora said.

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It wasn’t just any old utility trailer to Mora, this trailer is how he provides for his family. “It’s very important, that’s my livelihood. That is how I make a living right now and like I said it just breaks my heart they took my trailer.”

Mora says he feels nothing but defeat when watching the video saying you make an honest living and thieves take from you with no hesitation. “You live in a town and you expect to be protected by the police and your property should be safe, but unfortunately in Albuquerque, that’s not the case.”

Now Mora is forced to buy a new trailer and hopes insurance will cover the $5,000 loss on the stolen one. In the past year, he’s had his truck stolen and now the trailer. He’s concerned with what could be next.

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“What are they going to do, break into my house next? I mean I have an alarm system, I have cameras, I don’t think that’s going to stop them, they don’t care anymore,” Mora says.

He’s called the West Side home for 23 years but recently, the neighborhood he’s always felt safe in doesn’t feel so safe anymore. “All I’m saying is if you live in Albuquerque, make sure you have good insurance because they’re going to hit you eventually; it’s inevitable.”

The trailer has orange tire wells and a white sign on the side that says “Moragation.” If you happen to see the trailer or recognize the thieves from the video, you’re encouraged to call authorities. APD says they’re investigating the case, but no arrests have been made.

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