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Video shows Albuquerque manager’s truck stolen at knifepoint

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – A terrifying encounter at an Albuquerque restaurant, an employee was held at knifepoint, but it wasn’t money the thief was after. Mary Scaccia has worked at Burritos Alinstante on Broadway near Gibson for two years. She says they’ve had a number of break-ins and robberies, forcing them to take the appropriate precautions.

“We have no cash, and we have bars,” Scaccia said. Being cashless, and having bars on their windows didn’t protect Scaccia on Saturday morning when a man she believed to be a customer walked into the restaurant.

“I asked him if he’d be paying with a card,” Scaccia said. “He asked if we accepted cash, and I told him no, we only take card,” she explains.

She says he appeared to be placing an order at a kiosk in the front. “When I went to help him, he pulled a knife out on me and demanded my keys to my vehicle,” Scaccia said.

Surveillance video shows Scaccia grabbing one of the employee’s attention. Her co-worker goes to the back, grabs Scaccia’s keys, and hands them to the suspect, who walks out, taking off with Scaccia’s 2017 Nissan Frontier.

“I was scared,” Scaccia said. “I didn’t want him to stab me, or hurt the other girls, so I just gave him my keys.”

Scaccia says she didn’t get a great look at the man because he was wearing a hoodie and a mask. She doesn’t believe he’d ever been into the restaurant before.

Four days later, Scaccia says she and her staff are still on edge, and with no trace of her truck, she’s running out of hope. “I don’t believe they’re going to find it,” she said.

Scaccia filed a police report Saturday morning. Her truck is a 2017, gray Nissan Frontier with license plate 452-RXW.

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