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Video shows smoke fill cabin of Los Angeles-bound flight forced to land in Albuquerque

A flight headed from Atlanta to Los Angeles was forced to land in Albuquerque Tuesday afternoon after smoke entered the cabin.

Delta Air Lines Flight 2846 landed at the Albuquerque International Sunport at around 2:45 pm local time after “a flight-crew report of smoke in the cockpit and passenger cabin,” the Federal Aviation Administration said in a statement.

The plane, a Boeing 757, was headed to LAX before an engine experienced a “performance issue,” a Delta spokesperson told NBC News.

The FAA is investigating, and so far, it’s unclear if the smoke and engine issue are related.

Mason Weiner, a passenger on the flight, told NBC News that “everything was normal and then suddenly there was smoke in the cabin.”

“Someone started yelling there was a fire, but the flight attendants (in a very professional way) told everyone to chill, it wasn’t a fire, and keep seated,” Weiner added.

The airline arranged for those passengers’ journeys to Los Angeles to continue later in the day.

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