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Check out these impressive fall leaves in Las Cruces captured by Penny Duncklee. Wonderful, isn’t it? Why is it taking so long for the leaves in El Paso to turn red, yellow, and orange? Some trees have changed (somehow), but we are a bit behind. We were just too warm. Our average high for the first 13 days of this month was 77 degrees! As the nights are colder in Las Cruces, there are the more festive trees here. Here is your forecast …

SATURDAY NIGHT: The sky is clear and the low will drop to 40 at the airport and 35 in the valley. The winds will be calm up to 10 mph and directional.
FORECAST: Sunday will be even more beautiful than Saturday and a few degrees warmer. With a maximum of 79, enjoy perfectly sunny skies and light NW winds at speeds of 5-10 miles per hour. On Monday it’s back to the 80s for a few days. Under sunny skies, Monday’s high will hit 80 thanks to warm, dry SW breezes at 5-20 miles per hour. On Tuesday these warm, dry winds get a little stronger and gust at almost 50 km / h. Tuesday will be sunny with a high of 82. On Wednesday the cold front will blow. Expect partly cloudy skies and NW winds with gusts of nearly 40 miles per hour. The maximum value will be 75. On Thursday the wind dies down, but the cool air means only 69. The temperatures start to rise quickly on Friday with sunshine and a high of 76. We stay well above normal over the weekend.

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