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What is it like to stay at the (affordable) Kokopelli Cave Hotel in New Mexico?

If you’ve always wanted to stay in a cave, then Kokopelli is a great option for those looking to save money and explore New Mexico.

Cave accommodations are cool, but also rare and often prohibitively expensive. Arkansas has the luxurious Ozark’s Cave Hotel, which costs around $ 1,800 a night! But there are other cave shelters around the country as well. One of the most special is Kokopelli’s Cave in New Mexico and while it’s still not cheap, it’s on most people’s budget for a special treat.

It is located in Farmington, New Mexico near the Four Corners neighborhood. Farmington itself is a town of around 45,000 people and has everything you need if you want to eat there. When traveling to Italy, head south to Matera and stay in the stunning cave city that was the romantic scenes of the opening of the James Bond film No Time To Die.

The Kokopelli Cave and its surroundings

The Kokopelli Cave was carved into the rock by human hands. It’s hand-drilled and blasted into the cliff with dynamite. It was originally intended as an office – yes, an office! Bruce Black is a consulting geologist and owner and wanted one of the most unique offices in the world. When that plan didn’t work out, he changed it to a bed and breakfast instead.

The Kokopelli Cave is built into the vertical cliffs of the Ojo Alamo sandstone, which was formed about 60 million years ago. This stunning cave overlooks the picturesque La Plata river valley, which extends up to 100 meters deeper. The cave itself is high up on the cliff – 300 feet above the valley and 70 feet below the top of the cliff.

  • Height: 300 feet above the river valley
  • Size: Approx. 1700 square feet

To reach the cave, you go down a sloping path and steps cut into the sandstone from the cliff. While you are in your accommodation in the interior of the earth, you will see incomparable views. Even the sunsets over the Four Corners of the states of New Mexico, Utah, Colorado and Arizona, which you can see from the cave, are something special.

One tip is to pack lightly and plan to get into the cave while packing. There is no elevator and you have to carry all your luggage into the cave. Bags and suitcases with wheels are not recommended. The best bag is a backpack.

They have to leave their little pooches and kittens at home as pets are strictly not allowed in the caves. This is to protect the local critters that call the cave and cliffs home – including chipmunks, squirrels, hummingbirds, and curly-tailed cats.

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What to expect in the Kokopelli Cave

Visitors staying in the cave should expect a cave. Not a luxury Hilton hotel or even a Holiday Inn – it’s a cave.

Accommodation in the cave has a living area, a replica Native American kiva, dining area, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and of course a bedroom. The bathroom has been skillfully designed with rock walls containing a waterfall shower and jacuzzi.

  • Cost for 1 night: 340 USD plus 50 USD per additional guest up to 8 people
  • Cost for a 2 night stay: $ 290 plus $ 50 per additional guest up to 8 people

If you want to leave the cave a bit, there are two verandas, both with sliding glass doors. One is at the main entrance, the other at the bedroom.

  • Temperature: Between 65 ° F and 68 ° F (18 ° C and 20 ° C)

The floor plan is organized around a large central sandstone pillar from which all rooms are divided into their various sub-rooms (except for the bathroom).

The temperature is pleasantly cool and lies between 18 ° C and 20 ° C all year round. There is also little moisture as the cave is dry.

  • Bed: Queen size
  • Space for: Up to 8 guests
  • Internet: There is internet access in the cave
  • Breakfast: Included
  • Park: There is free parking on site
  • Pets: No pets are not allowed
  • Smoking: Smoking in the cave is not allowed

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The cave on Tripadvisor

The cave has an excellent rating on Tripadvisor and receives an impossible 5.0 out of 5.0 stars with 103 reviews. It is listed as a luxury bed and breakfast that Farmington has to offer you at its best.

  • Valuation: 5.0 stars on Tripadvisor

A reviewer on Tripadvisor stated

“If you are looking for peace and quiet, the Kokopelli Cave is your answer. We checked in on a Tuesday and didn’t leave the cave for 4 days. You can come and go as you like, but there is no need to. Everything, what you need is in the cave. It’s very clean and without bugs, just hummingbirds and chipmunks. “

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