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Albuquerque Academy Extravaganza: Santa Fe Indian wins team title in small school division


The girls at the Santa Fe Indian School were undeniable.

The Lady Braves were favorites in Group “C” at the Albuquerque Academy Extravaganza and they did not disappoint.

The Braves placed two runners in the top five, with Juniors Destiny Marquez and Destiny Chino finishing third and fifth.

They also had Rayann Concho in 16, Kendra Emery in 22nd and Alexis Aguino in 30.

The five runners earned them a team score of 68 points, which was 31 points better than Roswell’s Gateway Christian, the runner-up team.

“It means a lot,” said SFIS trainer Joe Calabaza. “We had 25 teams in this league and we took the lead, which is great.”

Calabaza said he missed newbie Danielle Smith in Saturday’s race, giving them a 3:07 split time.

“We didn’t bring our number 2 with us, so our number 4 would have been our fifth runner today,” he said. “The gap time was a little off, but it was still impressive.”

Navajo times | Cyrus Norcross
The Indian Lady Brave Destiny Marquez from Santa Fe took third place in the girls’ C race at the Albuquerque Academy’s extravaganza last Saturday.

On the final stretch of the race, Marquez lagged behind Navajo Prep’s Nicole Tsosie in a photo finish.

The two runners were only eight tenths of a second apart, with Tsosie clocking in at 9:05:29 p.m.

“I’m so mad at myself,” said Marquez, who was measured at 6/21/09. “I have to practice sprinting because that’s one thing I feel bad about. I like to push myself and have used everything on the track. When I reached the finish line, I had nothing left, so it’s difficult. “

After Marquez got out of shape for the season, he said they are slowly cutting their packing time.

“We were pretty scattered at the beginning of the season, but we’re getting there,” she said. “We’re starting to run together.”

And although they won their race, the SFIS ace watched out for the group “B” winners.

“Our main competitor is Cottonwood (Classical Prep),” said Marquez. “We are slowly approaching them. We’re fine and I’m proud of my girls. “

At the Los Lunas meeting earlier this month, the Albuquerque private school beat Santa Fe Indian for the team title by 15 points.

“These are the ones who would compete against the state,” said Calabaza. “We start with our speed work and hopefully that will help us in the end, so it will be interesting to see how we do against them.”

The Braves will be saying goodbye this week and they will be in Las Vegas Robertson for the District 2-3A meeting with Raton, Santa Fe Prep, St. Michael’s, Robertson, and West Las Vegas making up the six team district.

“Santa Fe Prep has a good boys and girls program,” he said. “When we ran into them, they were right behind us.”

In addition to his girls, Calabaza said he would like his boys to come forward too.

At the Academy, the boys come in ninth place in the team standings, led by Jeremiah Chavez’s 29th place.

“Not to sound too positive, but we should probably have the guys in there,” he said. “You didn’t do that well here, but I feel like we’re pretty strong.

We are doing well now and are preparing for the district and the state, ”he said.

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