Ledes from the Land of Enchantment

Albuquerque businesses are enjoying the balloon fiesta boom

“We’ve been here 5 days, we were originally from Cincinnati Ohio,” said Mike and Cindy McMahon.

While strolling the square, sipping wine and visiting specialty shops, some business owners even say that a cloudy day is good for business.

“We heard from the other vendors here in the old town that people come here early if the balloons aren’t going up and they waited outside my door today to come in and we’ve already surpassed what we did last Sunday If sales go up, they keep going, ”said Edward Candelaria, owner of The Breaking Bad Store.

And they are not alone – around the corner at Noisy Water Winery – tourists still come with the busload.

“We were definitely busier every day of the week, usually slowing down a bit during the week, but every day felt like our typical Saturday and our Saturday felt like double our typical Saturday,” said Robert Eyster, Noisy employee Water winery.

Even when the balloons are gone, the tourists stay a little longer.

“We see people come in to see if they can get a bottle of wine to check in their suitcase or something like that. You’re starting to walk, ”said Eyster.

Some of the new stores in the square said they were breaking sales records almost every day – and even on the last day of the Balloon Fiesta they are preparing for next year.

“This was a learning experience for us, so we know next year specifically for the 50th Anniversary of the Balloon Fiesta,” said Eyster.

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