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All it takes is an attitude of gratitude | Letters To Editor

In these challenging times, we must continue to have a “grateful attitude” every day. We all have so much to be thankful for. Kindness, care, love, sharing are important aspects to lead a life of compassion and understanding. We have to live a life with meaning and purpose. We can all make a world of difference through our positive, life-giving energies.

Encouragement changes lives. With the right attitude, anything is possible. The comeback can always be stronger than the setback if we don’t give up. Let us all strive for peace, harmony, joy, love and forgiveness. Love the life you live Live the life you love. I wish everyone a wonderful, blessed and happy Thanksgiving.

A happy couple visits the ER

This letter is intended to commend the emergency room staff at the Presbyterian Santa Fe Medical Center. I recently had to go to the emergency room after falling at a store on St. Michael’s Drive. With long waiting times during the daytime (it was afternoon) due to the scale of COVID-19-related and other emergencies, all of the staff were friendly, efficient and caring.

When I had another incident a few months earlier that resulted in another visit to the emergency room at the same hospital, everyone took care, especially Registered Nurse Tracy Cheshire and Dr. Paul Mikkelson, along with a helpful assistant, provided me with a can-do, friendly and professional attitude. Everyone deserves praise for making my visits to the Presbyterian emergency room much less stressful. I am grateful to all of them! This facility, with its commendable staff, is a welcome health care choice for Santa Fe.

It’s time to use the T-word

In the old days when the other guy was in office first and did really nasty things, nobody on the news used words like liar, autocrat, fascism, nazi. And then, slowly, very slowly, they started using those words – from liars to fascism and nazi. It took a while but they finally made it. This man was all of these things and so much more.

And now that the Commission is in full swing on January 6th, I haven’t heard the word ‘treason’ once. I watch a lot of the news … a lot of the news. Why was the word “treason” avoided? I haven’t heard it yet and eventually I will because that is treason, plain and simple. Aren’t the other guy and all of his cronies guilty of attempted violent overthrow of the government? Or was January 6 just a day with lots of tourists, as some right-wing extremists called it, or something just as idiotic? No! In my opinion, these people were trying to overthrow the US government and our Constitution defines this as treason.

So come on CNN and all the other left journalists, wake up and define January 6th as a day of treason. Use the word. Don’t be afraid of it.

In conversation with Anne Frank 2021

Your leading article on Hunger in Afghanistan was spot on. I wanted to mention another group in Afghanistan that is in danger. I have a friend who has been targeted by the Taliban for teaching English. The Taliban came to his house six or seven times and eventually burned it down. At the moment he can neither work nor leave the house.

We are working on giving him the opportunity to leave Afghanistan, but it is difficult because he has not worked for any governments. We turn to Sen. Martin Heinrich for help. I communicate with my girlfriend on a daily basis and I often have the feeling that I am talking to Anne Frank in her attic. Even his three-year-old daughter thought that someone knocking on the door was Taliban who were going to get her father.

The United States must seek some kind of aid to the hungry and threatened in Afghanistan. We must pressure the Taliban in every possible way.

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