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Holiday BookNanza arrives at the Mesilla Valley Mall Dec. 11

LAS CRUCES – The Las Cruces Writers Group is hosting a special Holiday BookNanza book signing event on Saturday, December 11 at the Mesilla Valley Mall, featuring books ranging from fiction, nonfiction, and memoirs to coffee table photo books.

As a shopping mall visitor for the winter holidays, ten local authors are set up on Saturdays from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. to sign copies of their works. Books will be available for purchase at the event.

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According to George Pintar, the group leader, their last book signing was in July and many new members have joined the group since then. New members will continue to be accepted.

“We are excited to present Las Cruces more authors and their work,” said Pintar in a press release.

Loretta Pina, general manager of the mall, stated in the press release that her mission is to “create a sense of community in the Mesilla Valley Mall mall in a positive direction.”

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Participating authors and their books are:

Mary Armstrong

  • “The Mesilla”
  • “The San Augustin”

Visit www.maryarmstrongauthor.com.

Judy Cicero

  • “Tate and the Lotus Pond: A Fantasy”

Mark William Davis

  • “¡Reconquista!”
  • “Against Superheroes”
  • “Signals and Noise”
  • “Teleology”

Visit www.exunoplura.com.

Tanya D. Dawson

Visit www.tanyaddawson.com.

Susan Finlay

  • “Breadcrumbs and Bombs”
  • “The Secret City”

Visit www.susanfinlay.com.

Rosemary Matos

  • “Promises from Cuba”
  • “The saga of a Scofield family from England to Minnesota”

Susan Pfeiffer

  • “The Dusty Attic”
  • “Never let go”

George Smart

  • “Fascinating Stories from New Mexico: Told by Chile Charlie”
  • “A NewPeek in the Old West Country”,
  • “When is it too late?”
  • “Thoughts of an ostrich breeder”

Visit www.georgepintarbooks.com.

Charmayne Samuelson

  • “The lost kingdom of gold”
  • “Hypnotize yourself happily in 3 easy steps”
  • “Wild Mustangs of the Onaqui Mountains”

Visit www.charmaynesamuelson.com.

Bob Worthington

  • “Fighting the Viet Cong in Rung Sat”
  • “Under fire with Arvn infantry”

Visit www.bobworthingtonwriter.com.

All of the authors’ books can also be found on amazon.com. For information about the group, email George Pintar at [email protected]

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