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Anne Millard is Retiring From SF’s Sponsored Projects Office

Anne Millard

October 22, 2021 – Anne Millard, Grants Support Supervisor, is retiring after nearly 15 years of service at Santa Fe College. Prior to joining SF, Anne spent 10 years at Miami-Dade (Community) College and 16 years raising her three children and home schooling.

Anne has made a huge impact on SF with the numerous scholarships she has submitted and her vigilant oversight during every stage of the scholarship through to successful completion. The successful scholarships and projects help the college fund many programs that enhance the experience of our students. Her organizational skills and attention to detail have played an important role in developing and organizing the scholarship and funding project office. When she started working in the Office for Advancement, scholarship projects totaled just over $ 6 million and have now topped over $ 32 million.

Anne’s last day on campus is Wednesday November 10th. Your colleagues and friends are invited to stop by the funding office between 3:30 pm and 4:30 pm and wish her all the best. Please contact [email protected] by Friday, November 5th if you are planning to participate.

The Office for Advancement would like to thank Anne for her many years of service to Santa Fe College and our students, and wishes her a well-deserved retirement.

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