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Author group holds book signing for Valentine’s Day

Bulletin Report

The Las Cruces Writers Group (LCWG) is hosting a Valentine’s Day “Love Book Book” on Sunday, February 6 from 2-4 p.m. at the Good Samaritan Society at the Social Center, 3011 Buena Vida Circle in Las Cruces.

A total of 13 Las Cruces authors who are members of the group will be autographing and selling their books at the event.

Genres include fiction, nonfiction, historical, photography, young adult fiction, and more.

Contributing Authors are: Mary Armstrong, The Mesilla: Two Valleys Saga: Book 1 and The San Augustin: Two Valleys Saga: Book 2; Judy Cicero, “Tate and the Lotus Pond”; Tanya D Dawson, “Andersen Light”; Rachel Glickler, “The Gleaning” and “The Cull”; Fenton Kay, “Bear Market”, “Eye of Newt-Skin of Toad” and “The Old Courthouse”; Elaine LeVine, “Evelyn’s Golden Leaf”; Lisa Lucca, “Ashes To Ink, A Memoir” and “You Are Loved – An Email Memoir”; Rosemary Matos, “Promises from Cuba”; David Oosterhout, “Oink! Only in Korea!”; Gerald Otis, Paroxysm-Love, Murder and Justice in Post-Civil War Washington, DC, Joseph Lee Haywood: His Life and Tragic Death, Presumed Crazy: A Fisherman Gets Entangled in the Mental Health Gulag, and Career Choices and satisfaction of physicians”; George Pintar, Fascinating New Mexico Tales Told by Chile Charlie, Adventures of Chile Charlie and Never Too Late; Charmayne Samuelson, “The Lost Kingdom of Gold”, “Hypnotize Yourself Happy in 3 Easy Steps” and “Wild Mustangs of the Onaqui Mountains, Photography”; Bob Worthington, Fighting Vietcong In The Rung Sat, Under Fire with ARVN Infantry, and Untold Stories.

The LCWG hosts a monthly general business meeting and monthly seminars on publishing, marketing, book signings, writing, editing and tools to support one another in helping writers take their ideas from head to pen to publication.

The group welcomes new members. The annual membership fee is $25.

Visit lascruceswritersgroup.org for more information.

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