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Danielle Gonzales – Albuquerque Public Schools

Danielle Gonzalez
district 3

Education Council
Term ends: 2025

Phone: (505) 880-3729, Email: [email protected]
(Please send all event invitations to [email protected])


  • APS board member since 2022
  • BS Political Science and Spanish Language and Literature, George Washington University

  • MA Education, University of Notre Dame

Danielle Gonzales was born in Farmington, New Mexico and moved to Albuquerque at the age of five. She is a proud product of the APS (Cochiti and Chaparral Elementary Schools, John Adams Middle School and Valley High School). After college in DC, she earned her Masters in Education from the University of Notre Dame and began her career as a fourth grade teacher in Brownsville, Texas. Danielle now resides in the North Valley with her husband Tim, their three children and niece, all of whom attend APS charter schools.

Ms. Gonzales has dedicated her career to improving education in the United States, with a focus on students of color. She prioritizes listening to the stakeholders closest to the issues: students, families and educators, and recognizing the assets and strengths that students of color, low-income, LGBTQ students, English learners and other students with learning disabilities and differences bring to the table. Their goal is to elevate and celebrate the district’s success and not shy away from the challenges or the tough debates. Ms. Gonzales wants to bring home APS examples of lessons learned and promising practices from other districts and efforts to improve education across the state and country.

“Community schools are an innovative solution to improve school effectiveness and improve the lives of communities and families. Our public schools are our greatest resource and should serve as hubs for our entire community. We need an intentional and focused district-wide strategy that reshapes and supports our schools to enable mutually beneficial relationships with families, residents, businesses and organizations to collectively improve the well-being of our students.” – DG 2021

“We need instructional guidance and coaching and a shared curriculum to ensure every student has access to class-level content. When educators demonstrate skills, competence and effectiveness, they should have more freedom.” – DG 2021

“Our society as a whole is at a tipping point, and there is an opportunity to change the way we educate to be more aligned with research into child development, more focused on equity and agency, and more belonging and promote mobility. However, children and families have no problems in silos. There is a direct correlation between increased life chances and access to safe and affordable housing, reliable and quality childcare, paid vacations and living wages, reliable health care and nutritious diets, family planning and reproductive health care and choice, and more. I am passionate about ensuring that multiple public policy issues are addressed and funded so that everyone has the resources and services they need to thrive.” –DG 2021

organizations present and past

  • Treasurer of the New Mexico Bataan Corregidor Memorial Foundation

  • Women’s Circle in Albuquerque

  • Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation

  • Educational Guide of Color

  • Latinos for Education

  • MomsRising

  • Mothers demand action

  • Managing Director, New Mexico First

  • Chairman of the Board, Transforming Education

  • Advisory Board, National P-3 Center

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