Ledes from the Land of Enchantment

Pat LaMarche, Ronan Russell and Aron Rook

Sentinel Staff

Authors: Pat LaMarche and 8-year-old Ronan Russell; story by Ronan and written by LaMarche

Artists/Illustrators: Aaron Rook

Where the authors live: LaMarche and Rook live in Carlisle and Ronan lives in Farmington, New Mexico when he is not visiting his grandparents in Carlisle.

Title: Kursid Kids: For the Love of Pearl

This science-fiction social justice book tells the tale of a far-off land where the obscenely rich exploit the labor and resources of their island nation. One of the billionaires (known as Magnates) imprisons a brilliant scientist, forcing him to create inventions for the cruel man’s pleasure and profit. The first thing the scientist does is modify a cleaning robot—so that he’s not so alone. The Cleanerbot3000 becomes a best friend as well as co-conspirator.

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On the mainland, families struggled to get by. In this captivating tale, the paths of a lovable couple of kids, named Winter and Pearl, and the hapless scientist, Dr. Marmalade, cross, thanks to the one of his more remarkable inventions: a cat that makes wishes come true.

An enormous departure from LaMarche’s more predictable tales, Ronan takes his grandmother’s writing to new levels of whimsy and fun. The collaboration of the two generations remains true to LaMarche’s usual social justice message.

Artist Aron Rook, best known for her enormous murals that bring communities large scale beauty, portrays the characters and experiences of “Kursid Kids” in a stylized and seemingly magical way.

On Jan. 27, Ingram books listed “Kursid Kid” as the second most popular book in the juvenile fiction/fantasy & magic category.

Publishers: Charles Bruce Foundation

Book signings: There will be a book signing from 11 am to 2 pm Saturday Feb. 11 at History on High: the Shop, at 33 W. High St., Carlisle. There will be Dr. Marmalade (the imprisoned scientist) marmalade cookies. And everyone who attends can enter to win a Dr. Marmalade cookie cutter of their very own.

How many books has the author written: LaMarche has written 10 books. This is the first for both Rook and Ronan

site: www.kursidkids.com

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