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District 1 candidates say crime is the hot topic

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The two candidates in the running for District 1 city council point out that crime is the top concern of the people in their district, and both say the city’s approach to the problem has not worked.

Louie Sanchez

Louie Sanchez, 56, a businessman and former Albuquerque police officer, is vying to remove incumbent Lan Sena, 31, who was appointed to fill the District 1 city council vacancy that began with the death of Ken Sanchez on Jan. January had occurred.

“I think many of our constituents and members of the community are frustrated. And I see and feel this frustration because we’re trying to approach the same problem the same way and still expect different results, ”said Sena.

The city’s current approach to reducing crime is to “use our officers as a single point of contact,” she said.

“I think we have to move away from this model,” she said. “I’ve made ridesharing in every department of every department that affects community safety, be it police, fire brigade, shipping, transit, and DMV security. Across the board, our officials’ # 1 requirement is not to respond to mental and behavioral health calls and not to be used as social workers to navigate our vulnerable people. And that’s why I’m really committed to ensuring that the community security departments actually have social workers. … It doesn’t mean that a phone call won’t warrant a response from the police, but I think they can go hand in hand and work together. “

And Sena

Sena, who has a public health background, said she was approaching her job on the city council full-time because “I believe that the pressing issues our city and our parishes are facing require our full attention.”

Sanchez, who retired from APD in 2014 after a nearly 26-year career as a lieutenant, now runs two Allstate insurance offices, including one in West Central and 60th, an area high in crime.

Sanchez said he believes the laws needed to contain crime are already on the books, but police officers are being hindered in their work.

“They feel that the police administration does not support them, that they are without support,” he said.

The ministry does not have enough officers on the streets and is struggling to keep the officers, he said, adding that the courts do not keep criminals in jail and that the Justice Department’s deal with the city regarding police reform is causing confusion among the authorities have officers.

“The officers are confused about how and when to use force. … I have been told by officials that if they get an 911 call and someone is armed or there is a possibility of violence, they will slow down the call and hopefully it will be over before they get there because if they end up on the call and they have to use force, it is checked and gossiped Monday morning, and at that point they risk their job.

On the proposed soccer stadium loan, which will be presented to voters on Nov. 2, Sanchez said he is in favor of building the stadium as long as New Mexico United “has some skin in it” and signs a long-term contract or lease agreement with the City to repay the $ 50 million bond.

Sena said she doesn’t approve of the big investment in a football stadium.

“The economy and the finances just don’t suit me,” she said. “I think we really need to focus right now on many of the problems we face, be it affordable housing, poverty, addiction and mental health services.”

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