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Feature films ‘Rust’, ‘Outlaw Land’ shot in Santa Fe, Albuquerque | Companies

Two feature films will be shot in Santa Fe in October.

Outlaw Land began filming in Albuquerque in September and will move to Santa Fe in October, and Rust will be in town in early November, the New Mexico Film Office said.

“Outlaw Land hasn’t landed in Santa Fe yet,” said Jennifer LaBar-Tapia, director of the Santa Fe Film Office. “Rust has been here for a couple of weeks. You are on one of our five western ranches. “

Alec Baldwin stars and is one of the producers of Rust, the story of a 13-year-old boy who has to care for himself and his younger brother after the death of his parents in Kansas in the 1880s, with New Mexico doubling for Kansas.

“We can shoot any genre of film here in New Mexico, but historically and currently western is a standout genre for our state,” Amber Dodson, director of the New Mexico Film Office, said in a press release.

Rust is produced by Rust Movie Productions LLC and directed by Joel Souza, who also directed Crown Vic, Break Night, Christmas Trade and Ghost Squad.

Rust will have approximately 75 crew members, 22 leading actors, and 230 background talent, all from New Mexico. Outlaw Land will employ approximately 20 New Mexico crew members, 15 state actors, and 150 background and extras, the New Mexico Film Office reported.

Outlaw Land is directed by Anthony C. Ferrante (Sharknado) and produced by Keystone Films LLC and Daniel Lusko (Pursued).

Outlaw Land is yet another retelling of the Butch Cassidy saga, this time on the run from the authorities after a train was robbed.

“We’re excited to do an iconic western with local New Mexicans on top,” Lusko said in a press release.

The short film Rude Girl will be produced in Albuquerque in October. The production will employ approximately 40 New Mexico crew members, five lead actors and five background and extras.

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