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Ex-Reg. Martinez makes APS board recommendation

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Former Governor Susana Martinez weighs in the Albuquerque Public Schools Education Committee race with a support from Courtney Jackson for the District 7 seat.

Former Governor Susana Martinez

In a campaign email, Martinez Jackson named a “strong conservative” who fights against “liberal union bosses” who want to uphold the “status quo”.

Jackson competes against Nicholas Bevins and Julie Brenning.

The three candidates want to win the open seat of board chairman David Peercy, who refused to re-elect himself after 12 years on the board.

In the email, Martinez urged voters to contribute to Jackson’s campaign, saying her opponent was backed by “status quo politicians in the school board” and “the unions” who will spend large amounts of money to defeat Jackson .

Brenning, endorsed by the Albuquerque Teachers Federation, has raised $ 31,792.99 in campaign contributions for the period ended October 12, according to campaign funding records.

According to records, $ 5,000 of this came from the Albuquerque Teachers Federation.

Courtney Jackson

Meanwhile, Jackson raised $ 43,549 over the same period, with the largest contribution of $ 5,200 coming from Peterson Properties.

Bevins raised $ 709.05.

This is not the first time Martinez has publicly endorsed a candidate for the APS Board of Education.

In 2015, as governor, she recorded a phone call message in support of Peggy Muller-Aragon for the District 2 seat.

Martinez’s re-election campaign also contributed $ 15,000 to Müller-Aragon.

Müller-Aragon won the election against incumbent Kathy Korte with 63% of the vote.

At the time, Korte had criticized some of Martinez’s educational initiatives, including the teacher evaluation system.

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