Ledes from the Land of Enchantment

Former homeless man feeds displaced people in Coronado Park

“I was a lift operator at Ski Santa Fe,” he said. “This job saved my life. And I basically lived around the clock in my snow gear.”

But he turned things around and now lives in Albuquerque and owns his own business. But he still understands the value of being treated with respect when one is the lowest. He wants to pass this respect on to others who are homeless.

“These people must be treated like people. And we don’t do that often, ”said Morgan.

He drives to Coronado Park about three times a year to feed the homeless. He spends money out of his own pocket to make soup, pasta, and other dishes.

“It shouldn’t be like that in the beginning,” he said. “It’s enriching to be here to help them, but my heart is broken.

People in the park said the hot meal was a blessing.

“Oh god, that’s all from the man from above,” said Jovan Begay, who has lived in the park for about five months.

“It means everything,” said another woman who has lived there again and again for three years. “It’s amazing that people come out and take care of us.”

Morgan said he hoped a company would sponsor him so he could come to the park more often. In the long term, he said he would also like to get a permit from the city to hold a concert or other events.

“You are no different from us,” said Morgan. “Getting evicted now doesn’t define your future.”

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