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Former New Mexico National Guard security employee facing new charges | Local News

A former employee of a security firm contracted by the New Mexico National Guard faces further charges over his alleged involvement in a robbery in Pecos in November.

Jacob Saul Santillanes, 31, has been charged with burglary and larceny after being accused of robbing a dollar general in Pecos on Nov. 11, according to a criminal complaint filed in San Miguel County Magistrates Court.

The charges come just weeks after Pecos-based Santillanes was charged in December with eight unrelated felonies on suspicion of stealing firearms and other security items from a guard hut owned by Blue Stone Solutions LLC, which is tasked with securing the National Guard complex in Santa Fe County was charged.

Santillanes was fired from his job as a security guard at the company after he was accused of smoking fentanyl while on the job, according to an affidavit accompanied by a warrant.

On December 28, state police filed additional charges after a man said he believed Santillanes sold them a stolen gun, according to a warrant filed with San Miguel County Magistrates Court. Investigators believed the firearm was the same as that used by the security company.

These led to additional charges of stolen property, attempting to distribute synthetic cannabinoids, and possession of a controlled substance.

State police say Santillanes, who worked as an assistant manager for the Dollar General, used his keys to gain entry and used the entry code to steal $600 from the store’s safe, according to the warrant’s latest affidavit.

When the store’s manager tried to confront him, Santillanes did not show up for their meetings and gave out fake keys after he was fired, the affidavit said.

State police investigators questioned Santillanes about the Dec. 18 robbery. He told them he worked at the store and had access, but denied playing any role in the burglary, according to a warrant affidavit.

Two arrest warrants were issued for Santillanes in the December and January cases. Santillanes was released from the Santa Fe County Jail on December 21 on bail on theft charges.

As of Thursday, Santillanes was not in custody. State police did not respond to questions about whether the agency knew the suspect’s whereabouts or whether he could be considered a fugitive.

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