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Grupo Hotelero Santa Fe – Ordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting Agreements

Mexico City- Grupo Hotelero Santa Fe, SAB de CV (BMV: HOTEL) (‘HOTEL’ or the ‘Company’), one of the leading companies in the hotel industry in Mexico, informs that today it held an Ordinary General Shareholders Meeting, during which the shareholders approved all of the proposals submitted to their consideration.

It is hereby informed that, among such approved proposals is the one indicated below:

(i) To proceed to an increase of the variable part of the corporate capital in the amount of $400 million pesos, through the issuance of 100 million shares, at a subscription price of $ 4.00 pesos per share, to be offered for subscription and payment to the shareholders of the Company, in proportion to their shares holdings, without constituting a public offer.

Later on, once the National Banking and Securities Commission grants the corresponding recording update (actualizacion registral) and other pertinent acts are concluded, including those before de SD Indeval Institucion para el Deposito de Valores, SA de CV, the Company will inform of the beginning of the preferential subscription period for shareholders, as well as the mechanics for such subscription rights and the destiny for the remaining shares, if any.


HOTEL is a leading company in the Mexican hotel industry, dedicated to the acquisition, conversion, development and operation of its own hotels as well as third parties-owned hotels. The Company focuses on the strategic location and quality of its hotels, a unique management model, strict expenses control and the Krystal brand as well as other international brands. At the end of year 2021, it had more than 3,200 employees and generated revenues of Ps. 1,791 million. For more information, please visit www.gsf-hotels.com

Legal Note:

The information provided in this report contains certain forward-looking statements and information related to Grupo Hotelero Santa Fe, SAB de CV and its subsidiaries (jointly ‘Grupo Hotelero Santa Fe’ or the ‘Company’) which are based in the understanding of its managers , as well as in assumptions and information currently available for the Company. Such statements reflect the current vision of Grupo Hotelero Santa Fe in regard to future events and are subject to a number of risks, uncertainties and assumptions. Several features may cause that the results, performance or current achievements of the Company may differ materially with respect to future results, performance or attainments of Grupo Hotelero Santa Fe that may be included, expressly or implied within such statements in regard to the future, including among others, alterations in the economic general conditions and/or politics, governmental and commercial changes globally or within the countries in which the company does business, changes in the interests rates and inflation, exchange rates volatility, changes in the demand and regulations of the products marketed by the company, changes in the price of raw materials and other goods, changes in the business strategies and several other features. If one or more theses of risks or uncertainties are materialized, or if the assumptions used prove to be incorrect, the real results may materially differ from those described in as anticipated, believed, expected or envisioned. Grupo Hotelero Santa Fe undertakes no obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements.

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