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Highlights and goals: Union 1-5 River in Torneo Binance 2022 | 06/19/2022

6:59 PM6 hours ago

90+9′ End of the match

The match ends at the Estadio 15 de Abril, RIVER HAS WON! Marcelo Gallardo’s team achieves its first home win by beating Unión at its stadium.

6:54 PM6 hours ago

90+4′ GOOOOAL for River

JULIÁN ÁLVAREZ! The spider returns to poke after a subtle pass from Juan Fernando Quintero to then define in front of Santiago Mele’s exit.

6:49 PM7 hours ago

90′ additional time

Nine more minutes will be played in the match.

6:48 PM7 hours ago

88′ Union substitution

Matías Gallego replaces Enzo Roldán.

6:47 PM7 hours ago

87′ GOOOOAL for River

AGUSTIN PALAVECINO! The midfielder entered the area, received a pass from Esequiel Barco, shot at goal and the ball deflected off an opponent to score the fourth goal for Marcelo Gallardo’s team. There is a VAR review.

6:45 PM7 hours ago

85′ Last minutes of the match

The end of the match is near. There are five minutes left in regulation time.

6:41 PM7 hours ago

81′ River substitution

Esequiel Barco replaces José Paradela.

6:39 PM7 hours ago

79′ GOOOOAL for Union

MARIANO PERALTA! The striker scores with an accurate header to the left post after a cross from Ezequiel Cañete.

6:35 PM7 hours ago

74′ River double substitution

Juan Fernando Quintero and Emanuel Mammana replace Braian Romero and Marcelo Herrera.

6:34 PM7 hours ago

73′ GOOOOOAL for River

JULIÁN ÁLVAREZ! The striker completes a phenomenal performance in this match scoring after a pass from Agustín Palavecino that had bounced off a rival and he took advantage of it to score to the left side.

6:31 PM7 hours ago

72′ Triple substitution in Union

Ezequiel Cañete, Daniel Juárez, Lucas Esquivel in place of Mauro Luna Diale, Imanol Machuca, Kevin Zenón.

6:30 PM7 hours ago

71′ River had it!

Agustín Palavecino’s cross from the left, Braian Romero headed and the ball went near the right post.

6:29 PM7 hours ago

69′ River was saved!

Zenón’s low cross, Luna Diale touched it in front of the goal to deflect it and Armani responded very well to save.

6:21 PM7 hours ago

62′ River substitution

Agustín Palavecino replaces Nicolás De La Cruz.

6:20 PM7 hours ago

59′ GOOOOOAL for River!

ENZO FERNANDEZ! The midfielder received an extraordinary pass from Julián Álvarez and scored over the goalkeeper. There is a VAR review.

6:15 PM7 hours ago

54′ Yellow card

Marcelo Herrera was cautioned for River.

6:14 PM7 hours ago

50′ First minutes of the second half

River continues to win, although the second half has started without much intensity.

6:05 PM7 hours ago

Second half begins

The second half of the match began with a change in Unión with the entry of Francisco Gerometta in place of Federico Vera.

5:49 PM8 hours ago

45+2′ End of the first half

The first 45 minutes are over. River partially wins against Union at the Estadio 15 de Abril.

5:47 PM8 hours ago

45′ additional time

Two more minutes will be played in the first half.

5:46 PM8 hours ago

45′ Yellow card

Enzo Pérez was cautioned for River.

5:43 PM8 hours ago

43′ Yellow card

Nicolás De La Cruz was cautioned for River.

5:42 PM8 hours ago

40′ yellow card

Imanol Machuca was cautioned in Union.

5:34 PM8 hours ago

33′ River came closer

Julián Álvarez’s shot from close range was caught by Santiago Mele.

5:31 PM8 hours ago

30′ Half hour of the match

Thirty minutes of the match have already been played. Union de Santa Fe has been looking for the equalizer since conceding the goal, but has not been able to score so far.

5:26 PM8 hours ago

24′ Union had it!

Unbelievable the way River was saved. First it was Armani who saved a shot by Imanol Machuca, in the rebound Mariano Peralta headed and crashed the ball on the crossbar and in another rebound, Enzo Roldán sent it over the goal.

5:23 PM8 hours ago

22′ River had it!

First Braian Romero tried Braian Romero in the area, but he was anticipated by a rival, Nicolás De La Cruz arrived to shoot and the goalkeeper Santiago Mele saved to send to the corner kick.

5:18 PM8 hours ago

16′ GOOOOOAL for River

BRIAN ROMERO! The striker scored after a pass from Julián Álvarez in which he ended up scoring in front of Santiago Mele’s goal to end his three-month goal drought.

5:17 PM8 hours ago

15′ First quarter of the match

River has taken control of the game in the last few minutes.

5:11 PM8 hours ago

10′ The tie is maintained

The score is still 0-0, with a more even gameplay. River assumes an offensive posture, trying to get the ball back quickly.

5:10 PM8 hours ago

7′ Union had it!

Armani made a mistake on a corner kick, rejecting it to the middle, Diego Polenta shot, but the ball went over the goal.

5:07 PM8 hours ago

5′ first minutes

At the moment neither team is dominating the match. River has tried to go on the attack, but without clarity.

5:01 PM8 hours ago

match start

The game between Union de Santa Fe and River Plate gets underway.

5:00 PM8 hours ago

Teams on the field

The players of Union de Santa Fe and River Plate take the field at the Estadio 15 de Abril.

4:55 PM8 hours ago

Match officials

referee: Pablo Echavarria
Assistant No.1: Cristian Navarro
Assistant No.2: Marcelo Bistocco
Fourth official: Fabricio Llobet
VAR: Hernan Mastrangelo
Assistant VAR: Luis Lobo Medina

4:50 PM9 hours ago

Substitutes – River Plate

4:45 PM9 hours ago

Starting XI – River Plate

4:40 PM9 hours ago

Substitutes – Union de Santa Fe

4:35 PM9 hours ago

Starting XI – Union de Santa Fe

4:30 PM9 hours ago

Everything ready at the Estadio 15 de Abril

4:25 PM9 hours ago

Last five matches – River Plate

4:20 PM9 hours ago

Last five matches – Unión de Santa Fe

4:15 PM9 hours ago

How the teams arrived at the Estadio 15 de Abril

4:10 PM9 hours ago

Welcome back

We are ready to bring you the actions of this match between Union de Santa Fe and River Plate of the 4th day of the Binance Tournament.

4:05 PM9 hours ago

Tune in here Union de Santa Fe vs River Plate Live Score!

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for the Union de Santa Fe vs River Plate live match, as well as the latest information from the Estadio 15 de April. Don’t miss a single detail of the live match updates and commentary from VAVEL’s coverage.

4:00 PM9 hours ago

How to watch Union de Santa Fe vs River Plate Live Stream on TV and Online?

3:55 PM9 hours ago

What time is Union de Santa Fe vs River Plate match for Liga Profesional?

3:50 PM10 hours ago

Key player – River Plate

The presence of Julian Alvarez stands out at River Plate. The 22-year-old striker is in the last part of his stage with the millionaire and wants to say goodbye with goals. So far in 2022, he has scored 15 goals with the team, nine of them in Argentine soccer and the remaining six in Copa Libertadores.

3:45 PM10 hours ago

Key player – Union de Santa Fe

The presence of Jonathan Alvez stands out in Union de Santa Fe. The 34-year-old Uruguayan player is the team’s top scorer in the current season with six goals, divided into five in Argentinean soccer and one in the Copa Sudamericana.

3:40 PM10 hours ago

Union de Santa Fe vs River Plate history

3:30 PM10 hours ago

Union de Santa Fe

3:25 PM10 hours ago

The match will be played at the Estadio 15 de April

3:20 PM10 hours ago

Welcome to VAVEL.com’s coverage of the Liga Professional match: Union de Santa Fe vs River Plate Live Updates!

My name is Jhonatan Martinez and I will be your host for this match. We will bring you pre-match analysis, score updates and live news here on VAVEL.

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