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Immortal dates help update the Las Cruces Airport master plan

From the left, James Bennett (IDI), Guy Rouelle (Dubois & King), Chris Sargent (Dubois & King) and Dale Amon (IDI). Courtesy photo

Business news:

LAS CRUCES – Immortal Data Incorporated (IDI) recently partnered with engineering consultancy Dubois & King as a subcontractor to help update the master plan for Las Cruces International Airport. This plan aims to assess the potential for additional commercial space activity in the Las Cruces area of ​​New Mexico, which is already a key area for new space exploration.

Las Cruces is an ideal stage for commercial space activities and is home to several private space companies. Along with names like Spaceport America and Virgin Galactic in the region, Las Cruces is poised to become the national center for commercial space travel. Two of the last three private human-crewed launches were within a two-hour drive of Las Cruces.

Immortal Data plans to launch a prototype data acquisition and handling system from Spaceport America through an Up Aerospace rocket in early 2022.

“Las Cruces is a crossroads of the region and the continent, and now one of those crossings is the road to space,” said airport administrator Andy Hume. “I am very pleased that we have published an update to the LRU master plan. This project is being led by the highly regarded Dubois & King company with local company Immortal Data Inc. based in Las Cruces as a subcontractor on the commercial site side. Immortal Data, represented by its principal investigator Mr. James C. Bennett, will bring a wealth of experience and knowledge in the commercial field. ”

Guy Dubois, Director of Aviation at Dubois & King, said, “When our team began work on a new FAA master plan update contract for the city of Las Cruces, we subcontracted Immortal Data to contribute to the investigation of Read . Cruces’ potential to expand its already competitive position as a hub for the new space industry. IDI and its Principal Investigator for this project, Mr. James C. Bennett, have extensive and in-depth commercial experience and we believe their presence on the team will greatly add to the value of this work. “

Bennett is a four-decade veteran of the commercial space industry with extensive experience working from both a spaceport operator and spaceport user perspective.

“I see great potential for Las Cruces in the commercial space space,” said Bennett. “We were originally based in Mojave, California prior to choosing Las Cruces as our relocation destination, so we understand the considerations that go into a commercial space company’s relocation decision.”

As key players in New Space, the Immortal Data team is well equipped to meet this responsibility. Your company roots go back to the mid-1990s, through ventures with some of the same team members. Immortal Data was a major sub-contractor for the data systems for the XCOR Lynx spaceplane and has been a consultant for Excalibur-Almaz, Exos Aerospace and others for the past decade.

Bennett also noted that IDI will be launching a Regulation CF crowdfunding stock sale through NetCapital.com in the near future, and encouraged all interested parties to take a look at the website.

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