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Jesus Ramirez Olivas remains in prison pending trial

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – An Albuquerque man accused of speeding and killing a mother of three will remain behind bars pending trial. Judge Cindy Leos said the community is often “fixated” on the number of murders in Albuquerque, while reckless driving can be an overlooked danger. She decided to keep 19-year-old Jesus Ramirez Olivas in prison without any conditions until the trial.

“I have absolutely no confidence that Mr. Ramirez Olivas will obey the Highway Code. I don’t think he will follow the court’s orders, ”said Judge Leos. “He poses an incredible threat to our community and I think he would do it again if released. The application is granted. “

Ramirez Olivas is alleged to have driven more than 100 mph near Hannover and Coors last week. His car is said to have injured another car and killed the driver. Police said speed was a factor and there is no evidence Ramirez Olivas was drunk or used drugs.

At a hearing on Thursday, prosecutors raised his history of traffic violations. In 2019 he was cited for lack of insurance. In 2020, Ramirez Olivas allegedly drove too fast and did not have a driver’s license. In July 2021, he was charged with reckless driving and evading police. This case was closed when an officer failed to appear in court.

“While we find that the accused has no criminal history of convictions, let alone felony convictions, let alone misdemeanor convictions, what we see is a pattern of dangerous reckless behavior that has escalated to the point where the worst- Case scenario occurred, ”said Derek Berg, who represents the state of New Mexico.

The defense of Ramirez Olivas called for his release under conditions such as a driving ban, GPS monitor and curfew.

“Detention is a punishment. It’s a high price and we propose to the court that there are conditions. and those conditions are that he does not drive, ”said Santiago Juarez, who represented Ramirez Olivas.

Ramirez Olivas pleaded guilty not to be guilty of the fatal crash in December. He is threatened with vehicle homicide charges. A trial date has not yet been set.

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