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Key information on Santa Fe’s Nov. 2 local election

October 3 – Early voting for the November 2 local elections – a combination of local races, water board positions, school district affairs, and sitting on the board of community colleges – will begin Tuesday when the postal ballot papers requested by voters are mailed and mailed – People voting and voter registration pages open.

The following is a rundown of what voters in various areas of Santa Fe County can expect on their ballot papers and other important information about the upcoming election.

City of Santa Fe


u Alan Webber, incumbent

u JoAnne Vigil Coppler

u Alexis Martinez Johnson

Santa Fe City Council District 1

and Signe Lindell, incumbent

and Joe Hoback

u Brian Gutierrez

and Roger Carson

District 2u Carol Romero-Wirth, incumbent

District 3 u Roman “Tiger” Abeyta, incumbent

u Lee Garcia

District 4u Amanda Chavez

u Rebecca Romero

Edgewood Town Commission

Position 1u Kenneth Brennan

u Ralph Hill

Position 2u Jerry Powers

Position 3u Audrey Jaramillo

Position 4u Filandro Anaya

u John Bassett

Position 5Sterling Donner

Seats of the school board

Santa Fe Public SchoolsDistrict 5: Sascha Anderson, who was named after Lorraine Price’s death on September 1.

Moriarty-Edgewood School District Position 1: Rebecca “Becky” King Spingle and Linda Hudson

Position 5: Lyndsi Donner, candidate for registration

Pojoaque Valley School District

Position 4: Susan Rudolph Quintana

5th place: Sharon Dogruel and Jerome Lujan

Santa Fe Community College Board of Directors Position 1: Linda Siegle, incumbent

Position 4: Xubi Wilson

Water districts:

Edgewood Soil and Water Protection Agency: Bill Bruce King

Pojoaque Soil and Water Protection Agency Position 3: Jose Varela Lopez

Eldorado Area Water and Conservation Board Position 3: Elizabeth Roghair

Eldorado Area Water and Conservation Board Position 5: Gregory Hart

Early voting papers

Request a postal vote online and review or change your voter registration information through the Voter Information Portal on the Department of State’s website, sos.state.nm.us/voting-and-elections.

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Important data

October 5th: Last day for online registration, mailing of postal voting documents for the first day and start of registration and personal pre-voting on the same day.

5th-15th October: early voting

16.-30. October: Extended early voting

November 2nd: election day

Places for early voting

u Edgewood City Administration Offices, 17A 344 State Road, Edgewood

u Pojoaque County Satellite Office, 5 W. Gutierrez, Suite 9, Pojoaque Pueblo Plaza 17839 US 84

u Southside Branch Library, 6599 Jaguar Drive

u Christian Life Church, 121 Siringo Road

at the Max Coll Corrido Community Center, 16 Torreon Avenue

u Santa Fe County Fair Building, 3229 Rodeo Road

u Abedon Lopez Community Center, 155A Camino de Quintana, Santa Cruz

Municipal race debate

Later this week, The New Mexican, in conjunction with the Santa Fe County League of Women Voters, will host a series of three debates for candidates vying for seats on the city council and mayor’s office. Each of the debates will be broadcast live on santafenewmexican.com from 6:30 p.m.

Below is the schedule:

Tuesday: City Council Districts 3 and 4

Wednesday: City Council District 1

Thursday: Mayoral candidates

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