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Learn how to be a foster pet parent

Bulletin Report

The Animal Services Center of the Mesilla Valley (ASCMV) will host interactive foster information workshops noon-2 pm and 2:30-4:30 pm Saturday, June 25, and Sunday, June 26, at ASCMV, 3551 Bataan Memorial West, In Las Cruces.

“You can be a real-and-for-true hero for animals by becoming an ASCMV foster,” the center said in a news release. “Foster homes help cats and dogs transition from the shelter to their forever homes. Sometimes a foster is only for a few days until that animal goes to a transfer partner. Sometimes, they are longer term, and a foster might work with an animal that needs socialization or training to make it a good adoption candidate. Some fosters specialize in bottle-baby kittens, mamas with litters, or animals that need some medical attention before going up for adoption. Fostering is fun, meaningful, and, most importantly, saves lives!”

The workshops can help you decide if you want to be a foster.

ASCMV vet technician Vanessa Chastain will conduct the workshops, which will include an introductory presentation and discussion, a short tour of ASCMV and a second presentation and discussion about the actual logistics of being a foster.

To attend (and for more information), RSVP to [email protected] by Friday, June 24. Put “RSVP foster workshop” as the subject and indicate in the body of the email which of the four sessions you will attend.

ASCMV is teaming up with national nonprofit Petco Love and Skechers to conduct the workshops.

ASCMV is the municipal animal shelter serving Las and Doña Ana County. The facility was built in 1985 and originally was operated by a private contractor. The city and county entered into a joint powers agreement and took over management of the shelter via a board of directors in 2008.

Visit https://ascmv.org/, https://petcolove.org/ and www.skechers.com/m/bobs-charity.

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