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Santa Fe county and city officials could meet soon to resolve remaining issues related to annexed areas, including improving West Alameda Street drainage and emergency services in several areas.

It’s been over a decade in the making.

The county and the city of Santa Fe signed a legal agreement in 2008 that laid out how officials would include 10,000 acres under the city’s jurisdiction, and it’s been a long process since then.

Now a possible end is in sight: The County Commission unanimously passed a resolution on Tuesday appointing Commissioners Anna Hansen and Hank Hughes to negotiate various details of the annexation with city councils.

Before that, the city council has to vote on a similar measure expected in January, Hansen told SFR. Councilors Signe Lindell and Jamie Cassutt are expected to support the resolution and act as city representatives in negotiations, according to the resolutions approved by the district commissioners.

Lindell and Cassutt both refused to comment.

The aim of the negotiations would be to develop non-binding proposals for examination by the district commission and the city council. The representatives of the districts and cities would have to report on the results of their negotiations by April 13, 2022.

The resolution has long cited issues including the drainage in West Alameda Street, fire and rescue services in the areas north of Airport Road, and the annexation of the remainder of Area 1, the one north of Alameda and adjacent to Agua Fría. Located in Traditional Historic Parish (see map here).

“These are all issues on which we as a city and county have to work together, because if we want to take care of our voters, these things have to be addressed,” Hansen told SFR.

The problems outlined were identified over four years ago at a joint meeting in June 2017. The meeting also discussed an open space on South Meadows Road that could soon be residential units and a developer community park for affordable housing, Homewise – that city district officials have offered.

The district commission called for another joint meeting in November 2017, which took place in May 2018, at which the city was again offered the free space as part of the annexation, district officials claim, although Mayor Alan Webber has said he no longer remembers one Offer received.

When asked why, in your opinion, the annexation discussions have stalled in recent years, Hansen says: “The mayor was new in office and … I will not comment on my opinion. I’m glad we’re doing something now. “

At the meeting on Tuesday, William Mee, President of the Agua Fría Village Association, thanked the commissioners for adopting the resolution.

“This resolution will be of great help to those citizens who have remained in suspension,” Mee said, adding that he had heard from residents in contested areas who were having difficulty accessing city services, such as police officers refuse to answer calls in the areas they believe are a county jurisdiction. “I think this resolution can help alleviate some of that.”

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