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Man wanted in rifle hit-and-run arrested in New Mexico

A man accused of striking his mother with a vehicle in rifle and then fleeing was picked up by authorities in New Mexico.

Tyson McLemme, 40, is suspected of striking his mother with a Jeep near Joyce Park and fleeing the scene on Sept. 5. McLemme is also reported to have struck several vehicles and a fence during the incident. He eventually led the Rifle Police Department on a short chase before ditching the crashed vehicle and getting away on foot.

According to the Farmington Police Department in Farmington, New Mexico, they arrested McLemme on Nov. 1. His arrest record states that he was apprehended in connection to a shoplifting incident.


McLemme and another accomplice were suspected of shoplifting meat at a local Farmington grocery store. Police later identified the license plate of the vehicle McLemme and an accomplice left the store in. McLemme’s accomplice was later confronted by a Farmington police officer at their home.

“While I was speaking with (the accomplice) I overheard the neighbor across the street tell (another responding officer) that a male wearing a blue hoodie ran out of the back door down the alleyway,” an arresting officer noted in the arrest record.

The officer then located the suspect, who was identified as McLemme. Officers arrested him and allegedly found fentanyl while searching McLemme. He was then charged with possession of a controlled substance.

McLemme was booked into the San Juan County Detention Center and also charged as an out-of-state fugitive. McLemme, originally reported as a Rifle resident, has a Farmington, New Mexico address. He has an active and fully extraditable warrant out of the 9th Judicial District here in Garfield County for his alleged assault on his mother.

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